Take note that when I say user pages, I mean pages that SHOULD be prefixed 'Player:'. I'm not talking about 'User:' pages.

Currently, this wiki is mostly composed of user pages. One of the most common issues with every player being able to create their own page is that they all have a different theme, as they're all written by different users.

I'm here to propose an idea: only allow players pages to be created for known users. Known users could be current or previous staff or people popular within the community. All past and present staff should be allowed a wiki page, but for others, we could do something like take a vote to determine whether or not they are worthy of a wiki page.

The wiki should also get some more staff members. If there are any currently, they do not seem to be very active and activity is something that we would need to keep this place on it's feet. Staff members should be reviewing pages and whatnot.

Most current users pages should be deleted and removed, especially because the majority of them just include one sentence anyways. Let's make this wiki be the best that it can be. Cheers.

Just a note, this blog post was quickly written off a thought that came to mind. I'm kind of tired of seeing wiki pages for people that are barely known. As the BLOX City community grows, more and more user pages are probably going to end up created. We need some restrictions to prevent randoms from being allowed pages.

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