Trademark is a user on BLOX City. He joined 11th March 2016, and is on almost every day! He loves finding and reporting bugs and glitches. Trademark was one of the last users with the invisible head. His character got purged on the 22nd May 2016.

Bugs/Glitches found:

  • Even if a post is locked, you can still press the reply button. [FIXED]
  • On the terms of service, when clicking the privacy button, you get an error. [FIXED]
  • When replying to a thread, the Threads name in Forum » BLOX City » Subforum » Name of thread, is replaced with "Thread". [FIXED]
  • You can buy any non-limited item for free, by using inspect element, and changing the "Type" property from hidden to anything. Then you change the small little text box that appears to anything random! [NOT FIXED]