Toliet is a forumer on Blox City, most known for their "anger issues" or "saltiness". They will usually draw your avatar for a price of 30 coins, depending on if they are needing to draw many people. So far, no one has wanted to be drawn and paid.

They used to draw back in 3rd/4th grade, drawing ponies. This sparked a new idea a year or two later, when on a forum, said "First poster gets drawn". They only had MS Paint, but it went out well in the end. Later on, they decided to get Paint Tool SAI and went to drawing from there. Their deviantart is Bouncy-Deerz.

Toliet has a miss-spelt name, of course, but they said it was an accident, and wish to change their name, however, they can't. They usually play on ROBLOX too, but since then has started going on Blox City and Deviantart more often. Their plan for when games out come out on Blox City is to make the first obby.

Toliet joined in 03/07/16 and currently has 506 posts (recorded 05/02/16). Their siggy is currently " "Equality, doesn't mean that you are free." "

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