The Thanksgiving 2016 event was an event where you could get Thanksgiving-related items, it lasted between the 22nd of November till the 24th of November.


The event was first brought up on November 22nd on BLOXCity's Facebook where they announced the new Pilgrim Hat item

On the 23rd of November BLOXCity's Facebook asked everyone what they shall be doing on Thanksgiving, as of writing, nobody has yet to talk to BLOXCity on what they'll be doing on Thanksgiving. No Thanksgiving-related items were released that day.

Then came the 24th: Thanksgiving and BLOXCity's Facebook asked everyone what they will be eating besides turkey, along with that a picture of the Turkey Leg. The items released that day in order were the Headdress, Lady's Bonnet, Thanksgiving Turkey, Turkey Musket, and the Turkey Leg. As of writing, some of these items aren't given a separate page.


Here are the items in Thanksgiving 2016.

Item Price
Thanksgiving Turkey 5 coins

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