Tetris (ID 15431) is a user on BLOX City who joined on April 17 2016, and gained a lot of fame in mid 2016,

most known for winning both the BLOX City Video Contest (disbanded), the BLOX City Promotional Video Contest, trading collectables, and creating BLOXCards.

Before it was deleted, his blurb read;

"Hello! I am Tetris. I'm a 15 year old from Britain called Luke. My brother is Cavalier, and he makes really good clothes!
I love Tetris and coding, so if you need help with anything I'm always around!
My ID is 15431
My old account is (15148)

I am really bad at trading, so sorry if I send you some really bad trades.
My Arcanus Sicarius, Blue Top Hat and YouTube Crown are not for sale (unless you OP).


Asset 12585 uploaded on 28/04/2016
36th person to get Bronze VIP Membership, 30/04/2016
Teapot on 27/05/2016
Purged 5 times on 01/06/2016 to remove my arm
Created the first account which username begins with numbers, 11/06/2016 (404NotFound, ID 34908)

Glitched Trades (735, 971)"

Tetris died in December of 2017.

If you want exact date its: December 31st 2017



User Tetris' first avatar, in April 2016

Tetris first joined as the user Mooshim (ID 15148) when BLOX City was advertised on Blockland. After this he and user Syrup (ID 15458, now known as Cavalier) began creating many "namesnipe" accounts, before settling with the name "Tetris".

On the 28th of April Tetris had his "Pineapple" asset uploaded to the catalog, selling 147 units as of 11/06/2016, and getting him his first achievement (the Asset Helper achievement).

He then became known as a frequent poster on the forums and, then entered and won first place the BLOX City Promotional Video Contest, where he became one of 6 people to own the YouTube Crown.

Tetris also took part in the BLOXCards trend, and his version of the cards became significantly popular. It is noted that this was the beginning of Tetris' wealth and later fame. After making eight cards he retired from creating BLOXCards and donated all the cards to user Corruption.

On the 5th of June Tetris was featured twice in the second BLOX City Weekly Showcase, for his "Torso Clipping" shirts and his BLOXCards. Because of this, he generated over 500 cash.


One of Tetris' BLOXCards, this one of himself.

After reporting a total of 18 bugs, Tetris received the Golden Teapot for his 'trading glitch', which allowed users to trade non-collectable items after editing some of the html. The second and third glitched trades sent from Tetris to his alt were IDs 735 and 971. Notably he sent glitched trades to several admins, such as Cuppaly, Ashley, Josh, g0dfrey, and DB_26.

On the 6th of July 2016 Tetris was banned for a month for excessive alt hoarding and coin farming, which had been carried out since April accumulating between 5 and 10 thousand cash. The ban also led to the deletion of over 140 accounts belonging to Tetris including Tetris_Alt and Mooshim, all of his 21,000 cash and all but five of his collectables. Due to this Tetris several alternative accounts, all but one of which were banned for separate offences. Three days after his initial ban, it was lifted by g0dfrey who thought it was too harsh, until Ashley returned the ban. Later, all of his cash was returned and his collectables were granted back to him by poem. and Brick.Master.

In mid August until September, Tetris left BLOX City for unknown reasons, but returned shortly after three weeks.

Due to the return of Tetris' 21 thousand cash, he hosted a 1,000 cash (10,000 coin) giveaway on Twitter on the 14th of October 2016. The winner was XDanker. Just 13 days later he hosted another giveaway for his Red Top Hat due to end on the 31st of October (Halloween). The winner of this giveaway was PsychoMuffin, who was previously suspected to be an alternative account of Tetris, however later it was debunked as admins proved that the IP addresses did not match.


Screenshot of Tetris' transactions page posted on the forums with the caption "Everything is gone".

After Makaveli's account, Colby, was hacked (presumably by DominusTrex) on November 5th 2016, Tetris' account was later breached when allegedly his password was posted on the forums, however Tetris denied any claims of doing this himself. During the breach Tetris lost 11,600 cash and 10 of his most valuable collectables, including his YouTube Crown. It is noted that the successful return of his account was due to him posting all the details on the forums, shortly after it happened. Because of this breach five accounts were banned including Tetris and Makaveli, both of which received 14 day bans for the pending investigation (which were removed shortly after they were given).


  • 31st May, 2016 - Warned for inappropriate content on a BLOXCard.
  • 3rd June, 2016 - Blocked for an unknown reason.
  • Unknown, 2016 - Account Locked for exploiting bugs.
  • 6th July, 2016 - 1 Month Ban for excessive Alt Hoarding and Coin Farming.
  • 14th July, 2016 - Permanent Ban for creating a tutorial on Alt Hoarding.
  • 20th July, 2016 - Permanent Ban for sharing passwords.
  • 27th July, 2016 - Warning for exploiting bugs.
  • 27th July, 2016 - Permanent Ban for selling exploits.
  • 5th November, 2016 - 14 Day Ban for investigation into account theft.


  • Tetris created the first account with numbers at the start of the username on the 11th June before it was banned as punishment for his alt hoarding.
  • It is speculated that Tetris predicted the Arcanus Sicarius in his Promotional Video Contest entry.
  • Despite never proven, Tetris is thought to have been involved in some of BLOX City's rivalling projects, including some of his own.
  • On June 1st, Tetris was purged numerous times in an attempt to have his 'Invisible Item Glitch' fixed, though it was only carried out successfully 3 days later. Nexus (now banned) remains the only user presenting this glitch.
  • Tetris has been awarded 2 teapots.
  • The creator of the catalog items #11111 and #12345 are both Tetris.
  • During the hacking of Tetris' account, a t-shirt listed at 11,770 cash was purchased making him the buyer of the current most expensive t-shirt ever sold on BLOX City.
  • Tetris had been under suspicion of coin farming multiple times before his ban, though managed to remain active for 3 months before properly convicted of any wrongdoing.
  • Before Tetris was hacked, he actively shared his password with numerous users (most of which only borrowed his collectables), leading to over 10 IP addresses to be associated with his account, which did not contribute positively to the investigation.
  • Since Tetris joined, he has donated over 10,000 cash and hosted more than 5 collectable giveaways.