"Howdy! I'm Sheriff, outlaw of BP."

About Sheriff

Sheriff joined Brick Planet in April of 2016, when the site was originally named BLOXCity.

Most of his cash went towards changing his names as he was never happy with the names he made after a while, so he changed his name for the very first time and the name Sheriff was up for grabs. After a few months he wanted to change his name back to the original name he chose for the account, Sheriff. Unfortunately, a bot took the name after the name change locking the name in the database, never to be used again.

After the fall of BLOXCity, BrickPlanet was formed and Sheriff joined back under the alias "Scan". Once the site reopened with a new layout and features, he was able to change back his name to the one he love and cherished most - Sheriff.

Thus the story of Sheriff, the one and only outlaw of Brick Planet, ends here.

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