Robins Storm was born on May 30th, 2016, in Roblox City, Robloxia. Mother as Selena Storm, she soon moved to Blox Manor, Blox City on June 1st. Robins had a tough childhood, going through dozens of adoptions to get where she is now.


Due to her mother not able to apply for Citizenship, Selena had to leave Robins behind as she got deported back to Robloxia. Robins was sent to Blox City Adoption Center, and soon got adopted by Exertioz Hendrex Zeî. At this time, Robins name changed to Robins Zeî, though Exertioz would change it back later.

Life with Exertioz was fun for Robins. She learned how to hunt in the wild and take care of herself. When she was old enough, and her Green Card was close to expiring, Exertioz abandoned her, saying that he was not good enough to raise her. She was back in the Adoption Center.

Getting Deported

As her Green Card expired, she couldn't renew it, so the Blox City Court decided to deport her back to Robloxia. As the bus went through Robloxia, it was captured by a group of militia and they took the passengers to their fort. Becoming a slave for this military, Robins had a horrible time. Getting hit with a lash every time she fell. She was one of the top soldiers due go her past experiences, but due to her young age, she was never the first.

Journey of Courage

Robins wanted to escape her slavery. One night, she dug a whole and escaped into the wild with a shotgun and a pack of food. It was a harsh winter, fighting Bears, finding more food and shelter. One time, she was lost, she sung a sweet melody and Robins repeated. Using Robins to her advantage, she found her way. Finally, Robins went through the Blox City Border, and received medical help. She then not only renewed her Green Card, but earned Citizenship in court, and her story was heard WORLDWIDE. She got adopted by Zeolite Olympian.

New Life

Being adopted by Zeolite Olympian, Robins finally had a house to live in. Zeolite decided to keep Robins last name in honor of the brave things she did while she had it. Her friendly Robins followed her, and she can somehow talk to them. Robins is currently an active forumer, and in the foruming business. She currently lives in BloxHill, Blox City with her husband, Windy, and family. She is an internet meme, an inspiration to all females. Her secret crush is Bill, son of Poseidon, Toughest Character in Blox City.

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