Remote is a cool Blox City user. He joined Mar 24, 2016 and is an active forum user. Many people think he is ok socially while he gets banned a lot for no reason. >:O. Remote joined before 7k users just joining after the 5k crown. He found about this website from another user name Hat.


A picture of remote when he first joined.

He also is a designer making fanart and T-Shirts. Remote is popular on the forums with over 300+ posts and 12 hot topics. he is a fun guy in general and I would hang out with him while he is on the site.

Remote has a signature remote on his chest showing his symbolizem for the great remotes' of BLOXCity. (It has a smiley face). He also owns the Mr.Bunny face which only 30 people own and the next price is 10k at this time...

He also is a twitch streamer who usually streams giveaways and speed draws of fanart for other players. He is a friendly user who loves to communicate and chat with other members on the site.