Who is he?

Loyal, and friendly BLOXCity user who loves dank memes and cheese.

Ban History

Potato has had many bans in his long history on BLOX City. Mostly for being the legendary troll he is. His worst ban was during his summer, one day Potato decided to play BLOX City like he always does... little did he know a CC would come out named "Lightning Bucket Hat". He hoarded that hat like a hard piece of salami on a friday night. About 5 minutes later he noticed when going to his profile it said he had been banned and at this moment he knew, he fucked up. He then enjoyed a term'd account for a month or so until a nice BLOX City admin named Baheeg reduced this pleading potatoes ban to a nice 1 week. While writing this potato is also serving a 1 day banned for making his way around the filter system.  

User ID

Potato currently has the ID of 42, making him the 16th non-admin made user.


Potato's hobbies? Most of his hobbies contain of taming strange in a dark ally for tree fiddy!

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