Poseidon, known as the god of seas and horses, joined Blox City on 4/4/16 after he decided he really wanted to check the site out for the first time. Tons of threads were posted in the ROBLOX Forums, most of which were negative, which explains why he joined so late.

Due to popular beliefs, his first account was Neptune, whos purpose was to be a troll account. The account, as of today, has been lost due to Poseidon not verifying its email and forgetting its password.

Poseidon's primary group is currently the Rivarian Shock Troopers. There, he is a Marshal, which is set to be a high rank. He's a MR in B.A.T and is the owner of his own group, Triton, which is currently undergoing some inactivity.


  • On a unknown date, he had been F5 bombed by a unknown user.

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