Hunterfulmer joined in July,2017. And makes a lot of cash off of his clothing. He becomes rich from his sales too! He doesn't live in Blox City but lives in Kentucky. He got banished from Blox City's country for scamming and for his strange topic.


Hunterfulmer is known as the producer and former owner of "wtf",which was a strange forum posting show discussing strange topics. Such as scandals and other stuff. Which also his show "Blox City Beef" was always talking about drama and diss tracks on the forums.


On 07/24/2017 he got supspended for attempting to scam members, Excessive Profanity. He got banned for a month. If you looked at his profile it said he was restricted. And on 08/24/17 he got un banned.'


Join date:July 2017 Stats:Suspended

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