Moa's avatar as of 9/14/16 Gold membership

Moa is a well-known forum'er that posts on the forums frequently.

Moa joined September 3rd 2016 and is a classic user.

Moa accepts friend requests and reads all messages.

In a forum post Moa said he lives in the USA.

As of 9/14/16 he has 384 forum posts.

Moa is the 59226 member of BloxCity.

His first collectible was the Lenny face which he bought for 1000 cash.

Moa said in a forum post once, that he knows the user Worktool and K1rby in real life.

If you see Moa be sure to say hello in the forums!

Moa's previous two usernames were his first being TimeBurn and his second being Ellen.

Moa's main alt is Dissolve.

Moa bought Gold membership the day after he joined.

Moa joined before games were Tested by Admins thing.

Moa has reported multiple bugs yet never recieved a reward.


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