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Makaveli, otherwise known as Umbrella was the first user to reach the 10,000 post milestone and an inspiration to foruming in general.

Makaveli began trading in late May, but retired after he reaches 7 pages of collectibles. He also has quite a few valuable collectibles in his possession such as: Black Royal Fedora, Green Top hat x3, Red Top Hat, Snakeskin Fedora, Richie Mcrich's face, Mr. Bunny, Nesting egg, Lag's Chain, Regia Fure, Levi's Headphones, Beans shades x2, and many more.

He is a very influential forumer and possesses the largest Community Helpers group in all of BLOXcity. He goes by many nicknames, such as: Makka Pakka, Big Mak, Makaroni, and 2pac.

Screenshot 94
Although Makaveli entered in the 2016 drawing contest, he did not come in the top 15 and was left with a suitcase, which is still a really cool prize for those who entered.

potato was here 69 gang gang gang

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