Exertioz Hendrex Zeî, known as the Satan of Blox City, was born on June 19th, 2016 in BloxHill, Blox City. Parents killed at birth, he was soon raised by G0dfrey and lived as one of the richest citizens thanks to g0dfrey. 


Exertioz went to school regulary as a child, but grew terribly fast just like other BLOX Citizens. He secretly played with g0dfrey's tools, including his ban hammer, which he almost claimed one day and he didn't even realize. 

One of Exertioz friends were Windy and Alex. They grew to playing outside all day, every day. They are still friends to this very day.

Satan Incident

One day, in g0dfrey's house, Exertioz accidently went into g0dfrey's lab, which held the powers to make anything, delete anything, or do anything to the City. He touched this button called a code, and he was zapped by the computer. His skin started turning red, his head formed horns, he formed a pitchfork, and had fire powers. Soon, g0dfrey found out, and started panicing. He soon stored Satan into Ban Lands, but soon did he realize that Satan created a hell for him.

Using his powers, he got out of Ban Lands and started fighting with g0dfrey. 6 wars were fought, 0 were won as of today. 

Beef with Bill

Satan soon started having beef with Bill. Gaining the reputation as Satan of Blox City and one of the most powerful users, he fought with Bill in order to decide the most powerful user. Bill and Satan had a lot in common, it was weird that they were enemies. For starters, they were both mortals. They have had tons of wars, no one has won a battle yet.

Due to his relationship with Bill, he became enemies with Poseidon, though they are somewhat friends now. They had one war, the war was won by Poseidon, but they say it doesn't matter now as they are friends. Exertioz's toughest battles were against Bill, Groups, and Poseidon, and he has only lost one of those battles.

Fun Facts

Exertioz's only child was Robins, which he soon set up for adoption after he felt someone else could take care of her better.

Exertioz's biggest battles were against Bill, Groups, and Poseidon

Exertioz has one brother, named Ronald, but his parent's lost him when he was young.

Exertioz's doctor is offically Redemption.

Exertioz's likes everyone in the city, but still causes trouble with them anyway.

Exertioz twitter is @exertioz  

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