Template:Infobox user Joshy29 was a user on BLOX City who has participated in multiple contests, and was an active forumer.


Joshy found BLOX City being discussed on the ROBLOX forums and decided to check it out. At first, he thought of it as a simple ROBLOX copy and paid it little heed. One day, he decided to make an account, though the site was offline. The next day, he made an account. The first thing he did was make a shirt and pants. These were named "Blue Shirt" and "Jeans". These 2 items could be bought for 5 coins each. He purchased the BLOX City cap as the colour of it would go well with his outfit. After having made an outfit for himself, he decided to go to the forums, as games weren't released at the time. He directly headed to Off Topic, as he was active in the ROBLOX subforum under the same name. Little did he know, BLOX City Central was the only active subforum. Eventually, he found his way to BLOX City Central, and quickly felt welcomed in the community.

Soon after, the Summer Fan Art contest was announced. Joshy wanted to prove to the community that he had recently joined that he could do things. He asked for users who wanted to be in his fan art, and 6 users responded; Robins, sportakus2, Venom_Snake, Unsearched, strongbottoms, and Groups. He finished the art mere days before the deadline, and made a thread showing it, he had submitted his art beforehand to ensure that nobody would claim his art as their own, and people were impressed. Soon after, he was in the top ranking in the contest, and won the Sand Castle Crown.

Joshy's submission to the summer fan art contest

A while after the contest was over, Exertioz sent a message to Joshy asking what his twitter was, as Exertioz had confused him for somebody who he had requested to make fan art for him. Thought Joshy told Exertioz that he wasn't the person he was looking for, Joshy still drew him, as he had wanted to do that before. After this, Joshy became a bit more known, and requests to be drawn began to come in.

Much later in November, another contest was announced. Joshy had skipped the last contest, but this one interested him. He had originally intended to make his video with pasted avatar images, but knowing that one of the people who wanted to be in the video was expecting to be drawn, Joshy gave in and decide to put some more effort into it. Joshy had to take a few shortcuts in the animation to meet the deadline, but it was nothing too major. Another user who had participated contest was Tetris. When the voting poll was out, there was some competition between the two. In the end, Tetris' video had received more votes, but it didn't really matter, as they were both rewarded the YouTube Crown, as did a few other players, much to many people's dismay. But what also cause a bit of an uproar, was what was done with Joshy's YouTube Crown.

Soon after the YouTube Crowns were given out, trading made a return. Some sent trade requests for Joshy's YouTube Crown, and others advised not to accept such trades. Eventually, Joshy accepted one of the trades. Joshy's reasons for accepting the trade are unknown. Later down the line, something similar happened.

Joshy began to involve himself with collectibles, and trade requests came in. A while after, Joshy became very inactive on BLOX City. It may have been because he was tired of the constant trading, or maybe he was just bored of the site. Eventually, Joshy made a decision. He put all of his collectibles on sale for 1 Cash, as he didn't want to have them anymore. Various users bought them, and a certain user; Alejandro was asking for collectibles on the forums. Joshy figured he might as well help a new user if he's already getting rid of his collectibles. Joshy messaged Alejandro, and the collectibles were bought. The next day, Joshy found the Alejandro was showing off his collectibles in a rather uncourteous way. At first, Joshy slightly regretted selling the collectibles to Alejandro, but since then, Joshy has forgiven him, and they are now on good terms. After that day, Joshy started to become more active on the site.

He participated in the "Tale of BLOX City" contest. His entry can be found here.