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PLEASE NOTE: JOBS is most likely nothing special, but some users would like to create a BLOXCity Creepypasta and have some fun.

JOBS is a person(?) or a bot on the BLOX City forums. It is unsure if JOBS is still active or not.

carpediem's Screenshot of the API

The real explanation about JOBS (exposed):

Pretty much (from what I gather) it works by sorting through the html to find the <div> where the username is located - Though for threads which have been deleted, it still tries to find the correct <div> but instead finds that in the footer which reads "TERMS PRIVACY ABOUT //JOBS// TEAM CONTACT" - And which I have highlighted ever so nicely for you, contains JOBS in nice capital letters just like that which you would find in the old API.

-Tetris aka. Mooshim

On November 29th, user Isaiah released a JSON API in which you could see the activity on the forums. The thread he posted can be found here. Soon after Isiaiah created that thread, user carpediem made another thread titled "who is this man named "JOBS"", and showed a screenshot of the API from Isaiah. Since then there has been speculation of what JOBS was. As seen in "who is this man named "JOBS"" user Pineapple stated it could be the actions of an administrator or moderator. Other users say it could be a former administrator who was fired.

However, if you went to JOBS'S profile, the username is not capitalized and there are no forum posts the user has made.*

Within hours of carpediem's thread, another user, 4Sci, created a JOBS conspiracy post, which can be found here. Soon, more and more conspiracy threads were piling up.

Here are a few out of the mass:

'Full story of JOBS' by Rainbowz

'These JOBS threads' by Exertioz

'Some people say that JOBS...' by ScriptingSicarius

'The myth of JOBS' by Fireball

'Writing the JOBS Creepypasta..' by Rainbowz

'JOBS THEORYS' by apex

Noted few threads:

'JOBS is probably arguing with himself' by Exertioz

'The story of JOBS' by carpediem

Thumbnail&#039;s msg

Thumbnail's glitched message.

Sometime after the noted few threads, another user, Thumbnail, created a new thread claiming he received a glitched message from JOBS itself. It is not sure whether the message is fake, by using Inspect Element, or not. You can find the thread here. It is also unknown what JOBS is trying to say here. On December 1st Thumbnail received another message from JOBS, and the thread can be viewed here.


Alex's response to dingus.

Later, user dingus made another new thread asking a member of the administrator team, Alex, on Discord if he had anything to say about the JOBS speculation surrounding BLOX City Central at the time. dingus said his response was "weird". You can find the thread here.

*As of December 1st, JOBS has been active again, and posted only one post on this thread saying "COOL". A user theorizes that someone may have PG'd the original jobs account and bought a name change and posted with it. It has since then been inactive.

JOBS, a Creepypasta by Rainbowz

Alright. Where do I begin. It was February 26th, 9 days before the accidental release of BLOX City. Isaac and Brennan were the only two users online at the time considering the site wasn't released until march 6th. Everything was going as planned, and Isaac and Brennan were testing out forum sections and capabilities. Everything was private and perfect, and the site was running smoothly.

February 27th, 2016.. The day started as normal. Isaac was online, but Brennan was offline. He was probably somewhere else at the time. Isaac didn't need him at the moment and continued testing forum pages. Brennan came back online later and told Isaac he was at a restaurant with his family. Him and Isaac continued developing code, and Brennan had an idea to add a line of code that would add a bot account to test forum posts for them. He named the account "test1". Everything was running smoothly, test1 was foruming automatically and Isaac and Brennan were checking out its posts and testing removes, deletions, and moves for threads and posts. Things went well, and everything worked out. Isaac and Brennan logged off that night and went to sleep. But they forgot to turn the bot off.

February 28th, 2016.. Today, Isaac logged on, only to see that test1 had been renamed to "JOBS" and his posts were completely infested with random lines of code and weird gibberish. Isaac was initially freaked out by this, but later assumed this was just a glitch in Brennan's code. Brennan came on and he said he couldn't explain what happened. Isaac checked Brennan's code and he saw that a new line had been added at 3:00 AM,

February 29th. The line was a rename line, that renamed test1 to JOBS. Isaac asked Brennan if he was sure he didn't add anything. Brennan was sure of it. Until JOBS posted a thread entitled "hI guYS it"S JOBS!". Isaac reviewed the thread, and noticed that JOBS' profile looked kind of strange. He was wearing a Lumine Sicarius, but it had blood stains edited on it. He was also wearing white robes. The day went super strange, so to get rid of everything, Isaac removed the code for test1 completely, and terminated JOBS. JOBS was ID #1, Isaac then stole his ID and claimed it for himself. It was then that Isaac found an account on BLOX City called "test1". test1 was here the whole time, JOBS wasn't test1..

March 1st, 2016.. Isaac and Brennan were freaked out at this moment, and hired a skilled team of hackers to track down JOBS. Upon doing so, they uncovered a strange line of code that read "<print> hi isaac it's me. By the time you will be reading this, I will already be dead. Thanks. JOBS" Isaac was terrified at the thought of a suicide. He decided to cancel everything and return to coding.

March 2nd, 2016. 4 Days left.. Brennan logged on and said he had a nightmare last night about JOBS. Stuff was going crazy in his dream. BLOX City was being hacked, he was being haunted, and JOBS was invading all together. Isaac said not to worry and he will ju--- then all of a sudden, Isaac was randomly disconnected from the Skype call. JOBS joined the call forcefully, and said this. "I was just a KIIIIIID" Isaac quickly turned off skype out of fear. He was just a kid.. he was just a kid... Ever wonder why your computer screen randomly turns on sometimes during the night? or why you might randomly wake up in the middle of the night? Yeah, me too. Heh, it's probably nothing. He was just a kid...

March 3rd, 2016. 3 Days left... Isaac woke up and logged into BLOX City to continue working on the forum. He found out later on the news that recently, a 10 year old boy named Hessen recently hung himself. Isaac did research on the JOBS account he had recently terminated and traced it back to a house address.. The same address that Hessen lived on. JOBS was Hessen. Hessen was just a 10 year old kid exploring the internet. He came across BLOX City and posted a lot. But that doesn't explain the random gibberish and lines of code. How could a 10 year old know so much about coding? Did he kill himself out of depression? Or was it something else...

March 4th, 2016. 2 Days left. Isaac woke up at 3:00 AM and noticed his computer was on. He logged on and noticed posts were being created by JOBS. He desperately tried to delete JOBS, even IP Banning him. Thats when he heard a voice behind him that said "Im just a kid." Isaac quickly turned around and fainted. He woke up later that day to find a note on his computer desk. It read, "Hessen was here, Hi isaac!!!" Isaac called the police, they couldn't explain anything. Time was slowing down, Isaac rushed to his computer desperately trying to find out what the hell was going on. That was until he realised the time on his computer wasnt moving. Time had stopped. He left and got into his car, the cars he drove by were frozen in place, people walking were frozen in their tracks. That was until his car radio tuned into a station. Station 666. Hessen was online the station. He said these words scrambled up, "Help""Hell" "Dead" "Coming soon" "IPECAC" "BUEDL" "hell with it!" "I DONT CARE" "bye".. Isaac was scared for his life, he drove to Brennan's house when time started back up. Brennan was in his house doing chores when Isaac bursted in and asked "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!" Brennan was confused and asked "What happened?" Isaac said time stopped and JOBS is Hessen, he killed himself! Brennan thought Isaac was crazy, Isaac pleaded and told Brennan the story. Brennan and Isaac then drove back to Isaac's house and went on the webpage. There was a new post, not by jobs, but my "Hessen". The post read, "Go ahead, terminate me. It was fun isaac and brennan! This is goodbye." Isaac quickly terminated Hessen and everything went on as normal.

March 5th, 2016. 1 Day left... Isaac woke up that day and went on BLOX City. There was no new posts, Hessen was gone, never to be heard from again. Isaac continued coding until a post came up by Hessen. It read, "Hello BLOX City, how are you all?". Isaac noticed his join date.. November 30th 2016.. That was strange, unless Hessen time traveled. But Hessen was dead? Was it his spirit haunting his account? Or maybe it's something else... Hessen later made a thread saying "Bye bye blox city!" After which, the domain was opened up. Hessen released BLOX City by force.

March 6th, 2016. The day has come..... Users began to join, Hessen was gone, never to be seen again. His account still exists, and can be found on BLOX City. Everything went normal, and players were beginning to like the site. Isaac and Brennan continued to develop, and a catalog was released. Hessen then PM'd Isaac and said these words. "Thank you, I am free. Appeased. thank you." Hessen's soul was released from Hell. He was finally at peace... Who was Hessen? Why did he commit suicide? Well, it remains a mystery on BLOX City, forever... He was just a kid.

Pasta written by: Rainbowz

Inspiration: ScriptedCurse, Exertioz, Thumbnail, Potato, other users who wrote theorys.

Thank you.


who JOBS really is

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