Isaac (known as Isaac Hymer) is the co-founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of BLOX City. As CEO, he manages development and assumes the responsibility of legal, marketing, and more aspects within the company. At just 17 years old, Isaac has gained the attention of colleges and prominent figures as a result of his work towards BLOX City. He is also known as the original creator of SANS (Social Avatar Network Script.)

Past Websites

Isaac has been known to create many websites, many of which he closed within a short amount of time.

In 2010, Isaac joined the development team for, a website created by two developers with the nicknames of Twister and Jayden.

In 2011, Isaac purchased the domain This was the first successful website created by Isaac, but was known to have numerous security vulnerabilities. The website was eventually closed.

In 2012, Isaac started, known as Isaac's most popular site behind In fall of 2012, Tom Wilson blackmailed an administrator into releasing the site code, which spawned SANS sites, which are still active today. All SANS sites have Isaac's code base. BLOX City has no code from, however.

There were no known websites created by Isaac for approximately 3 years until March 2016 when BLOX City opened.

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