Hpix is a BLOXCity user, he joined in "Dec, 01, 2016" and he have a lot of friends, He is known to be friendly and be the user kls[1] He has other accounts, but he doesn't know the name, his accounts that was rare, Example: the account was created in March 26, 27 March, 16 March.


BLOXCity Forum in a Nutshell -2 -Alex's Funny Video Contest- -Remade-00:55

BLOXCity Forum in a Nutshell -2 -Alex's Funny Video Contest- -Remade-

He entered a contest, that is was the primary, called "Alex's Funny Contest #1" the video is still posted on the internet, you can check it here:

He also remade the video with some improvements (the video was posted in the last minute of the contest Alex's Funny Contest #1)

BLOXCity Forum in a Nutshell -Alex's Funny Video Contest -1-01:18

BLOXCity Forum in a Nutshell -Alex's Funny Video Contest -1-

It's kind of sad to say it, the more he used "YouTube Like bot" to try to win the YouTube Crown and contest. (This is old)

He struggled so much for editing, he was disappointed with the bad videos in the contest they shouldn't have appeared and have won.

Ban, Term, Warn List

M7Cd4EZ (1)

[First Warning] --- Reason: "Don't post off-site links on BLOXCity" --- Reviewed: "December 03, 2016" Off-Site Link. (Account: kls)

[Second Warning] --- Reason: "Don't post hate videos in BLOXCity" --- Reviewed: "September 16", Video: "" (Account: kls)

[Third Warning] --- Reason: "Necrobump" --- Reviewed: "October 07", Necrobump. (Account: kls)

[Four Warning] --- Reason: "Offense to a user" --- Reviewed: "October 19", Offense to a user. (Account: kls)

BLOXCity Account Info

Template:Infobox userPeople think he's new in BLOXCity, but he is a very old user, who went into the BLOXCity on the day of release. but, he lost his old accounts not for ban or term or anything.

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