Who is HammerTool?

HammerTool is a account made on the day BLOXCity was made. 3/06.

Facts about Hammer

  1. His ID is #89
  2. Had the #12 of King of the Ice land [ Traded off ]
  3. Stuck around for 2 months, And counting!
  4. Not pg'ed
  5. ROBLOX is FunBuilds, But He had the Account CheeseJellyDone when first discovering BLOXCity
  6. Likes hammers

How he discovered BLOXCity

HammerTool was cruising around ROBLOX's OT while he went into OT and found threads about BLOXCity. As OT said it was a ripoff and planning to " Hack " it, HammerTool gave BLOXCity a shot. And made HammerTool. He thought it was a fake back then and instead of spamming, He put on his blurb saying he knows it fake, But shortly warned and Blurd deleted.

His New ROBLOX account is MVDawn, If you like to, Search him up on ROBLOX.

Another thing

He isint that much Popular because, Back in 3/07 A guy said he would buy his donation pants if he got 100 Replys on his thread. Wanted to get donated he bumped aka spammed the thread with his account, And his Alt Bot. They both got banned for spamming for 2 days. While he was still bored he made another account to replace him, NobleDragon, went to Elf, Sold elf for free and went back to NobleDragon, Went to Kaiden, left Kaiden to rot and went back to NobleDragon, Then he remembers his password and he gets back on his old account! ( Transferring Limiteds were hard. )


His 2nd old Main NobleDragon Bought the Ice crown ( now known as King of the ice land ) And got the ID of #12.

Kaiden got the Regia Figure ( forgotten ID ) And sold it. ( and regretted because it became Rare.. )

Old Mains

These were once his Mains.

  1. NobleDragon
  2. Kaiden
  3. Elf

Old Alts

  1. Bot
  2. ToontownFree (Old rendering)


ID : #89

Achievements : Hoarder

Profile views : 850+

Forum posts : 700+

join date : March 6, 2016

User rating : 100%

game visits : 0

friends : 60