The Groups page ( is one of BLOX City's on site sub domains that let users to form in piles known as group(s) and able to create one by user's themselves.


Manage Group Ranks:

This Feature was added on the release of groups. This feature allows you to change user's rank on the group, for example: 'Moderator', 'Member', 'PIZZA' etc.

Group Wall:

This is the same as the comments system, But you can manage it and set permissions if a specific rank can post on the wall, Delete a wall message or even pin a message.

Group Vault:

This feature use is currently unknown.

Group Market:

This feature was planned to be added, current status is unknown.


3/11/2016 | The page was only staff made and had 9 groups.

3/11/2016 | Despite the test group held by staff before it, the first user-made group was created by Groups (

?/9/16 | Sub-Links changed.

Glitches Reported

Nothing was reported at the moment