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Avatar glitches are a phenomena commonly found around BLOXCity avatars. People have already found ways to make headless avatars, heavily glitched personas etc. through various methods.


The user "essentially", is an example of a headless character.

Making Your Avatar Headless

Headless Avatars are found very commonly around BLOXCity.

The most common way to make your character headless is opening the character editing page in two separate windows and wearing/removing a hat in one while regenerating the character in the other. This method does not give immediate results and should be repeated until success.


The user "Fez" has a black, glitched character.

Making Your Avatar Glitch More Severely

Although headless avatars are common in BLOXCity, there are rarer and more glitched avatars too.

There are no direct way of creating these avatars. They are created through messing with the character editing page (Spamming hats on and off, doing separate actions in separate tabs etc.).

No Avatar Glitch

There is a new glitch that has surfaced. On 6/16/16, user named "d3str0yar" had found this glitch by wearing a t-shirt, he spread the news and other users have glitched too.

Some examples:

Fez: This user's avatar is a black, distorted character.

dankmeme: This user's avatar is completely invisible.

EpicSandvichez: This user's avatar is discoloured.

RarestPepe: This user has a black plate over there face


The user 'EpicSandvichez' has a unusual and discoloured avatar.


Picture of the glitched profile page.


The user "RarestPepe" has a black plate over there face