Frizz is an active and known member of the Blox City community. He is one of the latest users hired for Administration on April 14th, 2016. He also is one of the first people to have a hat made solely for the community and personally him called, "Frizzy Afro". It still no longer on sale for anyone to buy. Frizz's user ID is #4494. Frizz is also very active on the Team Speak servers and ifs a very friendly individual.


Frizz is a hat collector, and a very good one at that. Frizz is the original owner of the following collectible items; Winged Tophat (#46), Regia Fure (#38), Bean's Shades (#71), and Crown of Obeisance (#3). Frizz purchased the Golden Shades a few days after it came out and has sold them off since. He also has a few desirable items that are not obtainable anymore such as; Godlike Golden Necklace, Gravity Hammer, and Teapot. Frizz also uploads clothing with the title "HD" in front of it.