As of March 7th, 2017, the forums have been removed.


The forums on BLOX City is considered one of the biggest features which is commonly used by a lot of users today. The forums is where you chat with other users in the specific topics. There is multiple Sub Forums which will fit all your personal topics.


  • Changes Discussion Area - This sub forum is meant to discuss changes that are made. It was added the list of sub forums on March 8th, 2017.
  • Information/Announcements - This is the sub forum of BLOX City and is a place for Admins, Moderators to post special news, events and contests and more.
  • BLOX City Central - This sub forums is specifically for general discussion for BLOX City news, topics and features
  • Off Topic Discussion - This subforum is for everything that doesn't fit in another subforum. Usually the topics are outside of BLOX City.
  • Website Suggestions - This place is for suggestions for the website. These discussions usually talk about ideas that come from users, it is usually watched by Admins and might be taken into consideration.
  • Game Development - This subforum is for updates that the staff gives to us on the development of the games feature on the site coming soon.
  • Group Discussion - This is the area that is for groups on BLOX City to talk about planning within groups or going to war.

Help and Support

  • Technical Support - Area for discussion that is relating to your account
  • Game Support - If your having problems with your gaming experiences this is the place to talk about it.


  • Music Discussion - This is the area for talking about all the latest hits and one hit wonders in music. Music related topics only!
  • Third Party Gaming - This refers to all the games out there that is not BLOX City, no offsite links also, keep that in mind.
  • Debate Central - If you like to debate on certain things then this subforum is the place for you. Just remember not to flame other users when debating.

Shop Talk

  • Item Trades - If you are looking to trade collectibles with other users then this place is the right place for you. You can post your offers on this subforum
  • Look What I Made - If you created clothing and want to show it off to the people of the community then this is the place.