The Egg Hunt 2016 was the first official event to occur on BLOX City. For the event, 11 different items, mostly eggs, randomly appeared in places on the site. If you were lucky, an egg would appear. Once clicked, the item would be added to your inventory.

The items able to be collected from this event were the Easter Basket, Easter Bunny Ears, Chicken Hat, Normal Blue Egg, Normal Green Egg, Normal Gold Egg, Bearded Egg, Volcano Egg, Bunny Egg, Demon Egg, and the Upgrade Egg.


The thumbnail of the Egg Hunt teaser video released prior to the event.

Some items were harder to get than others. For example, the Upgrade Egg had the lowest chance of spawning, while the Normal Green Egg was an easy find.

The most popular egg was the Upgrade Egg, which granted you 7 days of Silver VIP or extended your current membership by the same amount.


The Normal Blue Egg appearing on a face.