Edwin is very well known for his foruming and trading. He is one of the richest owners on the site and also owns one of the biggest groups called "Forum" with over 650 members.


Edwin currently owns 26 collectibles and that includes:

Godfrey's Shades (x1)

Devious face (x1)

Black Royal Fedora (x1)

Lord of Ice (x1)

Levi's Headphones (x1)

Gold Shades (x1)

Ice Antlers (x1)

Lonely Ghost Face (x1)

Red Party Shades (x3)

Dark Knight (x1)

Morning Face (x1)

Blue Lighting Bucket Hat (x2)

Canadian Apology (x2)

Angry Paperbag (x1)

Mother's Day Face (x1)

Hero's Sword (x1)

I <3 Trading Sign (x1)

The Convincing Scarecrow (x5)


Edwin has accomplished many things in his time on bloxcity including: having the first ever user made group to reach 200,300,400 and 500 members!!! Edwin also has a soccer clothesline and is one of the richest users ever on bloxcity!