Cyka B. Blyat, commonly known as Cyka_Blyat, was born in the glorious Soviet Union on [CLASSIFIED.] Cyka_Blyat currently works as a professional knife inspector, surfer, terrorist, forumer, and Bombsite B rusher in Blox City. He is usually referred to as "that neighbor" by his fellow Bloxcitians.


Cyka_Blyat was born in the Siberian wastelands of the Soviet Union on [CLASSIFIED.] At the age of 10, Cyka_Blyat got into the profession of knife inspecting, where you inspect a knife while surfing (Not that beach boy crap). He than got a P90 as a birthday gift from his dad and began the art of Rush B. By the time he was a teen, the Soviet Union had disbanded and Cyka_Blyat moved to Blox City, where he currently resides. He's that one next-door Russian neighbor who blasts Soviet propaganda music at 4 AM.

Military Use

Cyka_Blyat is now part of the Blox Military, but it is still unknown what department he works for. He is great friends with Sword and Bill.

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