About columbus

columbus is a BLOXCity user who is known throughout the community. He's fairly notorious throughout the BLOX City community for owning one of the few Blue Happy Anime Faces. He is often seen with tiger-like bottom half from the end of the abdomen down. This is significant because he is the only user in BLOXCity history that is bi-specied, half tiger and half pure autism. He's a notable contributor the forums, specifically BBC, having racked up 2,012 posts as of 5/13/16.


He's one of the few owners of the Lava Crown as well as the Levi's Headphones, Gold Shades, Snake Skin Fedora, Regia Fure, Crown of Obeisance and Cruento Sicariuses. He's also an owner of two of the rarest limited faces on BLOXCity, the Blue Happy Anime Face and the Mother's Day Face.

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