Cody stumbled across BLOX CITY on February 22nd, 2016. He waited, waited, and waited until it finally released. He was so excited! He then joined as the user "Cody" with the ID 88 ( ). He is known so far for foruming with over 350+ posts, soon to be known for game development with all the programming languages he knows

First Sight

Cody's first site to BLOX City was a little rude (looking at the maintenance page). He thought it was going to be one of those sites that just stay up for over a week, but he was wrong. When he first saw the opening of BLOX City he then created an account on March 6th, the release of BLOX City. He was inactive when he joined for 3 days, then logged into his account and started foruming mostly everyday! He quickly fell in love with the community and the whole domain.

Game Development

When Cody first joined BLOX City he was very excited for game release. Once he found out that you can use multiple programming languages for your game, he got TOO excited. So excited that he can finally use his skills into the game! Cody got so excited because he's been programming for over 5-6 years! He can finally make a successful game on a website with a great community!


If you wish to contact Cody look below

BLOXCity: Cody | Twitter: Zolerus