charadreemurr is Bloxcity's 5786th user. He joined on March 17, 2016. He mainly makes clothing and forums.

Why he joined

Known as MTT_EX on Roblox, he noticed an ATR thread about a ripoff of Roblox called "BloxCity". The thread called for the site to be DDoSed, so he decided to check it out before he assumed the site would shut down. He thought it looked neat and made an account.

Notable Achievements

  • clothing with 5 sales
  • being one of the first 6000 users
  • over 100 posts
  • Sniping the names "EVERYTHING" and "iran"
  • Owning the Sunglasses (124 sales)


  • Favorite color is green
  • Favorite game is Civilization V