BLOX City was an online 3D gaming platform where users can collaborate to create awesome games, clothing, and participate in a virtual economy.


Current BLOXCity logo.


BLOX City has come a long way since it's opening in March 6th, 2016. Here are some big changes that happened between March and December 2016.


  • BLOXCity Alpha phase is released, 200 users register on the first day.


  • BLOXCity reaches 10,000 users.


  • A Summer Contest is held.
  • BLOX City livestreams a Games showcase.


  • A large giveaway is announced: 37 collectibles are being given away.
  • A Halloween "spooky outfit" contest is held.
  • BLOX City holds a social media logo design contest.


  • BLOX City begins holding monthly contests, beginning with Alex's Funny Video Contest.
  • BLOX City holds their first annual Black Friday Weekend Sale Extravaganza.
  • BLOX City's header receives a redesign


  • Further changes to the header are published. The sidebar is removed and everything has been moved to the main header.
  • The Message system receives a revamp. Messages can now be marked as read or unread, as well as archived. Sent messages can also be viewed.

March (2017)

  • Bloxity closes their website permanently and the maker has been accused of a "cash grab"

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