Administrators are special users that are able to warn users, suspend users, scrub users, delete forum posts, purge users, and access the admin panel.


  • Isaac 'Isaac' Hymer - Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Brennan 'Brick.Master' Pfeiffer - Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer
  • Toby - Vice President of Human Relations
  • Alex Springer - Community Manager
  • Maryal 'DB_26' Behnam - Co-Founder, Customer Service Manager
  • Alyssa - Senior Workplace Relations Agent
  • Chris - Customer Support Agent
  • Hassan - Facebook Moderator
  • Holly - Twitter Moderator
  • Dylan - Instagram Moderator
  • Pavel - Site Moderator
  • Stefam - Site Moderator
  • Marco - Site Moderator

Retired Administrators

  • Levi - Former Administrator
  • Mage (Garrett) - Vice President of Customer Relations
  • Will (RockerBlocker) - Customer Support
  • James (JamesTatFt) - Customer Relations

Fired Administrators

  • Groups - Former General Administrator, Twitch Moderator
  • Oblivious -

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